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From Confusion to Clarity

Career Guidance for Young People plus Information and Advice for Parents

Wouldn’t you love to see your son or daughter flourish?  I can help you.  My aim is to find the direction of study or employment that will give them what they want from life.

Appointments can be face to face in a counselling room or by Skype videocall. I specialise in helping young people – from Year 10 students up to about age 30.

  • Difficult decision to make?
  • Feeling totally confused or frustrated?
  • No idea what you want to do next?
  • Drifting along for lack of a true direction?

By asking the right questions, and being guided by the answers, I’m able to determine a direction that feels right and a plan to get there.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly these situations can be turned around.


I’m not influenced any educational establishment or parent’s views.  My only concern is for the person seeking guidance.  I take a completely fresh view of the situation.



Your ideas, plans and progress won’t be shared with anyone unless you give permission.



I have total respect for whatever is important to you.  My approach is non-judgemental.  You are the expert in this working relationship.