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How It Works

Appointments can be face to face in a counselling room or by SKYPE videocall.

Guidance equips individuals to understand themselves and their potential.  It provides direction and builds confidence in their ability to move forward with a plan.

For students under 18 years old, a 20-minute parent discussion is included before the first session and after the final session.

Although parents may pay for the sessions at any age, I am not influenced by their views. My aim is to help you clarify what is important to you – no one else.

Here’s an example of what 3 sessions can cover:

Session 1: What matters most to you about work?

  • Identify strengths and interests
  • Explore what is important in life, role models, dreams
  • Let’s get all your career ideas on the table

Session 2: We’ll discuss a variety of possible futures

  • Which paths will deliver what matters most to you?
  • Can you see yourself doing this?
  • What else do you need to know to make a shortlist?

Session 3: Which are the best fits for you?

  • Compare your shortlist of options
  • Reflect on your experience and motivations
  • Decide your next step – and take it!

Summary Report

Client confidentiality will always be respected.

If client permission is given, the report summarises the individual’s career motivators and directions of interest.

It will explain how we’ve worked together to identify career aspiration and preferred route to reaching their goal.