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Private Career Guidance

How is my practice different to the typical experience of receiving career advice?

Career Guidance is a counselling approach with a goal.  It involves gaining an understanding of your past and present before helping you plan the future.

It’s simple and painless, I promise.  It’s also completely impartial.  I don’t have pre-conceived ideas about you.

We’ll identify what really matters to you and get your ideas on the table.

Then we’ll decide together whether you need to explore, focus or get tactical.


If you’ve ever been told about entry requirements, where to find a course or how to target your job seeking – you’ve been given information.

If you’ve ever been told to build an online portfolio, get on LinkedIn or which A Levels are a good combination – you’ve been given advice.

Yes, I do provide information and advice, but guidance is the distinctive part of my offer.

From Confusion to Clarity