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Disengaged Student, Year 10

A bright young man lost interest in school, his attendance became an issue and his mother was receiving quite unpleasant letters from the school. He “didn’t see the point” of doing school work, particularly maths, and his mother felt that gaining some interest in his future would be motivating. Other factors affecting him were the suicide of a student in his class, his father’s illness and his parents’ separation.

His ambition to work his way up rapidly to a leadership position, rather than going to university was clear. We ‘long listed’ 11 sectors of interest in session 1. I selected 9 inspiring websites/videos for his response in session 2.

Three sectors were favoured, and a theme of ‘Technology plus Customers’ emerged. In session 3 we discussed his psychometric profile. Notably his verbal and maths aptitude were equal. I provided two advertised examples of fast acceleration apprenticeships for students following A Levels. Now he could visualise directions that looked exciting.

He decided to continue Maths at A Level as he could now see that it would be useful to his future options. Attendance at school was no longer an issue and he applied himself to GCSE homework.

He said, “I’m more clued up and open-minded”.

Graduate, Age 21

This young man cruised through A Levels and achieved a 2.1 in Economics & Business Management. He had a history of ‘going with the flow’ through the education system and after graduation was facing an uncertain future for the first time.

He wanted to find out more about himself and requested psychometric testing. This revealed aptitude in the areas of physics/engineering/IT that surprised him. He had previously viewed his highest ability as using numbers and was considering studying accountancy, although it lacked appeal for him.

In one session he realised that he could “stand out from the crowd” if he added technology knowledge (through short courses or self-study) to his degree. He decided to find out about opportunities in IT paths that would complement his business knowledge, like Systems Architect. We looked at advertised posts for technology internships with an investment company. He realised that he was smiling more as he recognised the breadth of possibilities open to him.

“Lisa was able to give me great insight into what may be best for me going forward. Being able to talk to someone outside of my friends and family meant I could gain unbiased feedback on what sort of career I would be best suited for.”

High Achieving Student, Year 11

Choosing 3 A-Levels and the impact on her university applications was a great worry for this girl, who has extremely high all-around ability plus a talent for drama and music. Her father was keen for her to pursue a career in science, so that she would never be unemployed. He felt that an acting career would be too insecure.

Our discussion revealed that what was most satisfying for her was working with a group toward a mutual creative goal. She had little knowledge of science careers, but it was evident that not pursuing a drama A-Level would risk her overall happiness and therefore academic success. She was greatly relieved to arrive at a decision to pursue Biology, Chemistry and Drama. This combination will give her time to research careers in both science and theatre while experiencing the subjects at a higher academic level. It will avoid prematurely putting her into either ‘box’.

After just one session she told her mother, “it was brilliant – I couldn’t believe how Lisa was able to help me so much just through asking me a few questions about myself.”