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Parent Testimonials

“I feel like a big weight is falling off my shoulders.”

“It became very apparent to me that you have such a deep understanding of young people, their troubles and how the education system works. And how much you CARE. And that’s even before we have even talked about the career development part of it all.”

“I felt so validated as a parent trying to do the best for her child. And you gave me insights and perspectives I had been totally unaware of. So, for me this was all wonderfully reaffirming and supportive, and I thank you for that.”

“I finally felt I could say what I needed to say without feeling judged – feeling valued and reaffirmed and supported. Priceless!”

“He was buzzing after the first session and he was in a buoyant mood.”

“I think the conversations have given him new motivation to continue with school and engage more.”

“I am incredibly happy, relieved and impressed.”

“You have been a life saver. Seriously!”

“He has come out of a big black whole and is trying harder at school, for starters … and he is EXCITED about his future, rather than despondent.”